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I am Erin an Intuitive Life, Mindset & Spiritual Coach and I use a combination of spiritual gifts to assist you on your path. If you are starting your spiritual journey, ready to shift your mindset, ready to shift your patterns of anxiety and depression, need someone to be with you every step of the spiritual and healing process, ready to understand your spirit team, being an empath, and understanding deep soul level healing and exploration, Akashic Records and Past Life Guidance than you are in the right place. I use Spirit in a variety of ways for the maximum healing, growth and ascension and all sessions and healing are custom to you and your needs. It does involve homework on your for your continued success. The amazing thing about spiritual work is we can use a combination of spiritual tools to customize what YOU need on your process, to maximize healing and soul reconnection. 


Life, Mindset & Spiritual TransformationIntuitive Life, Mindset & Spiritual Coaching can help you transition in amazing and powerful ways. The single session or extended program is custom to you and what YOU need. The more intensive 1 month or 3 month program allows you to work on deep cords, shadow work, healing and developing and increasing your spiritual gifts. It is not a traditional course you never finish it is completely custom to what you need and want to accomplish. 


Various services offered include:  Akashic & Past Life Guide, Angelic Healing, DNA Activation & Ascension Masterclass (Quantum Healing and Ascension), Distance Reiki Sessions (Chakra Balance Energy Healing), Coming Soon (high frequency distance healing) 

Assisting people with the following: My mission is to help people awaken to their true potential. Helping people realize how healing, utilizing spiritual and spiritual gifts, taking control and changing your mindset can restructure your life in powerful ways. 

Client Results



My Life has drastically changed for the better since taking Erin DNA Activation course. It was incredible to witness my transformation & to know that I had continual support from Erin & the other students. Each week’s Activation deepened me further into examining, releasing, & growing from past patterning in order to align more fully with my Life Path. The Activations enhanced my Intuition, Confidence, & assisted me with gaining a Higher Level of Spiritual Connection. I appreciated Erin’s support & guidance throughout the process as I processed all that was necessary. It was also very helpful to have Erin’s weekly clearing meditations & I often felt she was channeling these directly for me. I feel rejuvenated, aligned, & have significant increased Clarity from doing the DNA Activations. Erin, thank you so much for sharing your gifts, expertise, & support!


I had my very first reiki and akashic session done by Erin, not really knowing what to expect. Erin exceeded my expectations!! The accuracy of the readings and the freedom I felt afterward was amazing! The following day after the session, I felt like a brand new person. I felt like a weight was finally lifted off my shoulders and I was able to break through to the next level of my goals. (I actually ended up manifesting money the following day too!). I was so impressed by her services and I highly recommend it for ANYONE who is ready to take the next step in life and rid themselves of those awful limiting beliefs! Thank you so much Erin for changing my life!!!!



Brightest Blessings on you! The journey you started me on is AMAZING. I started guided meditations like you suggested. Very helpful. One of your "choose a card" posts landed me on Shaman so I found a guided shamanic journey meditation on YouTube. It took me to a meadow where I met some spirit guides and I have been listening to the guides, journaling my dreams and researching shamanism. I haven't felt this good in forever. I keep running into things I started and stopped looking into over and over again throughout my life from little tyke to today. I've also started working on some new art. My brain feels alive and I have a little spirit snake wound around my heart, protecting it and helping it heal. I thank you for all of it. You are the BEST!!!