Are you ready to quantum shift your healing and intuitive abilities, communicate with spirit easily, and up-level and enhance your business at the same time?

  • Eliminate the control and underlying cords that are stalling your intuitive and healing abilities.

  • Remove the fear that protects you and fucks with your gifts.

  • Eliminate Mindfuckery so you don't question or doubt your insights and guidance and deliver them with ease while transforming your client's lives.

Does this sound like you?

Your dreams are crazy full of messages and spirit but during the day you feel disconnected from spirit?

Your mind is not overthinking and overwhelmed in sleep so spirit will bring you amazing insights and clarity during sleep. So this is why we focus on releasing control and other blocks holding you back.

Fear is a major cockblocker in spirit communication!

The second doubt or fear creeps in it can shut down your connection to spirit. It can start clouding the messages and overwhelm sets in and your ability to channel is unreliable.

Being in control of the session vs. controlling the channeling session is subtle but changes the entire dynamic.

Controlling your session so stay on track, and stay in your time frame, are necessary. Trying to control what spirits come in instead of allowing what needs to happen can hinder the session for your and your client's highest and best good. The more we move the control aspect the more powerful you become as an intuitive and healer for your own personal journey and your clients.

Kristal was having the same problems until now...

I've been incredibly spiritually gifted all my life but I didn't have much control over my gifts. It left me with lots of visions, things I couldn't explain, high anxiety, fear, panic, and trying to drown out my gifts in any way possible. I began my spiritual journey, and things made sense but after working with Erin on a regular basis I gained control of my gifts, removed the fear, developed a strong and reliable connection to spirit and my gifts, and operate now from my soul and using my gifts in my personal healing journey and helping my clients in my spiritual business.

Kristal P

About Your Mentor

Erin guides Intuitives, Lightworkers, Starseeds, and Healers to create an unfuckwithable connection to spirit, their spirit team, and guides them to enhance their gifts to match their soul's potential, and break the patterns and cords that hold them back in their intuitive journey and life!

During your private 1:1 experience, we create a Soul Ascension Plan custom to you and what you need to expand your gifts and your spiritual practice and business!

Erin whose accomplishments include:

Intuitive Medium

Intuitive Development Mentor

Akashic & Past Life Guide

Reiki Master Teacher


Light Language

Angelic Healer


Creator of the Soul Ascension Plan

B.S. Marketing Management

A.A.S Graphic Design

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