Work With Erin

How I can help! I offer Intuitive Expansion Mentoring, Intuitive Healing, Clearing, Clarity, Past Life Sessions, Past Life Mastery Certification Programs, Intuitive Development, and business and social Training in Monthly Membership, as well as Free Clearings and meditations!

Custom healing, clearing, psychic intuitive clarity, on your purpose, what's blocking your soul, karmic and ancestral healing clearing through this and past lives, intuitive development and connection to your intuitive abilities, with a custom plan to follow up with.

Expanding your intuitive, channeling, and healing abilities through private mentoring.

Learn to access ancient wisdom, clear karmic and ancestral cords, and tap into purpose and intuitive abilities.

A Membership for driven Spiritual Badasses Ready to Amplify Their Intuitive Abilities & Spiritual Business.

Erin Stabile

Intuitive Medium, Past Life Akashic & Ascension Mentor, Shamanic Practitioner, Angelic Healer, Reiki Master Teacher


In coaching, sessions, and programs, I provide progressive, supportive non-sugar coating intuitive guidance and intuitive mentoring.

Supporting driven intuitives on their intuitive past life, multidimensional expansion journey.

Releasing past life blocks, learning to work in and heal through your past lives and intuitive expansion journey, creating. stronger, faster and easier connection to spirit, we also calm mindfuckery, and create a powerful new level in your intuitive ascension to move into the intuitive healer your meant to be to serve your clients on an even deeper level.

Are you operating in your true purpose and power on the soul and intuitive level? Are you stuck in your awakening, embracing and fully utilizing your intuitive abilities? Wishing you could figure out why you struggle with connection to spirit and your gifts but also know this is the path you meant to be on.

Using my unique intuitive abilities in mentoring, sessions, membership and programs I connect to your soul, to whom you are, to what’s holding you back, and seeing into your core helping you connect to and operate in your souls power.

I am your partner on your path, I am not light and fluffy, but I am fully invested in your development and growth if you're ready to embrace the next level of who your meant to be let's chat! Ascension into Multidimensionality 1:1 Mentoring 3 open spots for 2024