Rapidly Expand Your Intuitive mediumship & healing abilities, and connect to your starseed roots, lightlanguage, new guides, realms, and timelines 🧬 by accessing & working in your Akashic Records (past lives) & through a DNA Activation series, your mind, body, and soul begin to shed stored layers opening up space for your intuitive development.

Accelerated Intuitive Quantum Shifts you to the next level in your intuitive and healing abilities, enhancing your Spiritual Leadership in life, and biz, for your clients!

In 12 weeks you will rapidly release the blocks known & unknown that are holding you back from allowing your intuitive connection to be easy, be able to integrate release and bring forth intuitive power from your souls history and have a quicker, easer connection to intuition, spirit and you’re healing gifts.

Erin’s courses are insanely beneficial!!!! She goes above and beyond. Legit no price tag 🏷️ can be put on the growth you'll get out of doing the DNA Activations and the Akashic records!!! She helps you to connect the dots to your own soul's history! ~ Kim ~ Accelerated Intuitive

  • Uncover and Release all of the hidden aspects that are stalling your connection to spirit, intuitive and healing gifts

  • Banish past life cords, patterns, and vows you didn't even know existed but can hold you back and fuck with your life

  • Eliminate the Mindfuckery so you don't question or doubt your insights, spirit downloads, and healing gifts so you can show up for your clients as the powerful Spiritual Badass you are.

I’ve been working on my gifts for years and can’t believe how much progress I’ve made in such a short time. My Reiki and Intuitive gifts are just exploding. ~ Emily

I explain Accelerated Intuitive as extremely beneficial to bettering my current self in all aspects (mind, body, soul etc) and that apart from being interesting, it's a profound way to approach healing and self-reflection. At the minimum, it's neat to look back at yourself and what your history is - on the other end of the spectrum, it's a life-changing program that can really help bring forward and heal your authentic self on an extremely deep and karmic level and it's really all about what work you are willing to put in that determines your results.

I've taken Erin's DNA activation and Akashic records class separately, and I grew from both, but with both of them together plus more, I have grown so much in my intuitive work. Not just that either, I'm trusting in myself more and more each day ~ Thank you, Erin!!! I wouldn't be where I am today without you!!! I give this class 1 million stars ⭐️ ~ Brooke~Accelerated Intuitive


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Available Starting times for Fri, Sep 22, 2023

Current Souls in The Accelerated Intuitive

I'm so grateful for you, Erin, and for coming into my life as a spiritual mentor!!!. You have to connect to Erin people because she will help you feel like a badass and help you succeed and grow!!! She is a blessing to us all!!! Danielle

I would describe it as a class that really turns you inward for deep self-reflection, healing, and self-forgiveness (that's been a big thing for me in this class, forgiving myself) and is helpful for you to return to your "authentic" self. It's brought about a lot of feelings of empowerment too - people always talk about "taking control of your own healing" but I've never really understood that term or how to do that - now it feels like I'm actually doing so! The class is also incredibly interesting - I'm motivated by learning and investigating topics, so this class has been endlessly intriguing, especially because it involves communicating with my past and asking questions of my past self etc.


I will say I took another Akashic Records course and the first night with you plus the workbook was wayyy better than the whole entire other "course" but seriously the amount of care and even responsibility as to safety for us is next level.


Ever feel like you're in a suit and you can't just make it fit just right? What if you could go into a program and get some really fucking awesome tools to tailor that suit to fit you just perfectly. With amazing tools, you can co-create a better suit for you with spirit. But not just a suit but an entire life. Take it a day at a time and believe in yourself each minute :) it's not the destination after all it's the journey.


Legit I'm able, for the first time in my life able, to say no and not feel guilty and or cave ~ Current Accelerated Intuitive Student

Sound Familiar?

You know you get insights, you know what people need, and get hits from spirit in waking life and dreams but you can't seem to be in control, understand or make it consistent.

You know in your soul that you are getting important insights for yourself, friends, and clients, but you want to be able to gather the info quickly and put it into place right there on the spot enhancing your business in massive ways.

Fear is a major cockblocker in spirit communication and life!

The second doubt or fear creeps in it can shut down your connection to spirit. It can start clouding the messages and overwhelm sets in and your ability to channel is unreliable.

You are learning different spiritual modalities and it feels aligned but then you struggle with enhancing them and then what to do with them. How do I enhance and add to my business?

You know this is what you're meant to do, you help others, and you feel good, but you don't know what to do with all that you've learned. How do you combine it, how do you enhance your business with it.

About Erin

Erin guides Intuitives, Lightworkers, Starseeds, and Healers to rapidly expand and enhance their connection to spirit, and their spirit team, and up-level their intuitive and healing gifts to amplify how they help their clients!

During The Accelerated Intuitive, you will be accessing powerful DNA Activations, begin discovering, working in, and healing through their Akashic Records, and transmute all the mindfuckery that's stalling their intuitive journey and business.

Erin whose accomplishments include:

Intuitive Medium

Intuitive Development Mentor

Akashic & Past Life Guide

Reiki Master Teacher

Light Language

Angelic Healer


Creator of the Soul Ascension Plan

B.S. Marketing Management

A.A.S Graphic Design


Intuitive Medium, Akashic & Spiritual Mentor

Reiki Master Teacher

Realm Connector

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