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Massive overhaul happening over here at Vintage Moons!

March 07, 20235 min read

Massive overhaul happening over here at Vintage Moons!

I’ve made considerable changes in my life and business over the last few years, especially, in the last month!

If you’ve seen me showing up more on social media, poking around, asking questions, and being more present, this is part of my shift for my business and spiritual work

 So if you are reading this email, know that I will soon be changing web platforms, so the emails will be coming from a new platform but will still be Vintage Moons and Me.

So the nitty gritty…

What’s changing?

My spiritual and design work are NOT changing. They are increasing. I am dedicating more time to my spiritual work and clients, as well as my freelance marketing and design clients.

I have been increasing the number of videos, and live’s and will offer more free and paid programs, and sessions. Just being more present is going to be the most significant change.

 So if you see me asking a lot of questions, I am doing a lot of marketing research so I can include the correct information and the right offerings. This also helps me to build my new website with updated data.

Most of all I want to make sure I am talking about and offering what you need, are afraid to ask for, and are burning to understand so I will keep up the inquisition because I am getting great insights of how I can of further service.

${contact.Name.First}  If you've had the soul feeling to explore your ancestral history, understand who you have been, tap into old patterns, and connect with your past self and your healing abilities, then the Akashic Beginner Program is calling you. It Starts March 9th!

Have you wondered the difference between a past life glimpse and accessing the Akashic Records? Click here to Watch the video


If you've noticed the weird energy lately, some major energy portals seem active. Spirit isn't forthcoming on the specifics behind them, but I've removed some nasty things lately and noticed the energy is just off. Starseeds might be more inclined to feel the heaviness of this type of energy. 

If you are feeling this ugh, this heaviness, this dread, (and it's above and beyond the day-to-day dread that comes in sometimes. This is more of the lingering energy that just heavily messes with you. 

  • Sit with it? 

  • Meditate, channel, trance channel, whatever your favorite way to communicate with spirit happens to be. 

  • Ask them to help you clear, yourself, your family, and your home, and then turn around and protect after you have cleared. 

  • If you can't shake the heaviness, try the FREE channeled energy clearings and protection methods or a soul and home clearing session if you really can't' shake the heaviness.


Embrace the downloads, don’t fear or negate them!

Intuitive downloads from spirit can be a powerful experience that can bring about profound insights and shifts in perspective. Here are some suggestions for what to do with them:

🧘🏻‍♀️Take time to integrate: After receiving an intuitive download, it's important to take time to process and integrate the information. This may involve journaling, meditating, or simply taking some quiet time to reflect. 

🚚Act on the guidance: Intuitive downloads often come with guidance or direction for your life. It's important to act on this guidance, even if it feels challenging or outside of your comfort zone.

👯‍♂️ Seek support: If you're struggling to understand or integrate the information, it can be helpful to seek the support of a trusted friend, mentor, or spiritual advisor.(This is where my 😉ASCENSION 1:1 INTUITIVE MENTORING is perfect )

🧘🏻‍♀️Keep an open mind: Intuitive downloads may challenge your existing beliefs or perspectives. Keeping an open mind and being willing to explore new ideas can help you fully benefit from the experience.

🧘🏻‍♀️Practice self-care: Receiving intuitive downloads can be a powerful and sometimes overwhelming experience. Make sure to practice self-care and take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Ultimately, what you do with intuitive downloads from spirit will depend on your unique circumstances and the specific guidance you receive. Trust your intuition and use these suggestions as a starting point for your own process of integration and transformation.

 Learn to expand your spirit team and amplify your ability to channel spirit and your intuition through my ASCENSION 1:1 Intuitive Development.

During ASCENSION 1:1 Intuitive Mentoring, we create a Soul Ascension Plan for you, that aligns with your goals, your intentions, and your business.

Your Soul Ascension Plan is the foundation that creates a path for healing and a strong, easy, and unfuckwithable intuitive connection, making a massive up-leveling in your life and spiritual biz.

 his deep, immersive 3 - month experience brings the soul level of healing and clarity while we deep dive into your intuitive abilities while simultaneously enhancing them while healing occurs.


ASCENSION 1:1 Up-Leveling Your Intuitive Badassery - 3 Open Spots - Massive healing and Intuitive Development

Akashic Records Program March 9th - ONLY 9 Spots Left
Sessions: Akashic, Intuitive, Soul Energy & Home Clearing


Intentions and Manifesting Through Your Vision Board! - Free

Fearless Spiritualist Masterclass - Sort out fear and take it down to a level you can still be scared and move ahead (Pre-recorded)

CHECK OUT NEW EPISODES OF THE SPIRITUAL BADASS PODCAST: Guest Alyssa Couture EP 53 Healthy Fashion: The Deeper Truths!


 Thank you for being part of Vintage Moons. Thank you for growing with me, learning with me, and bringing your incredible energy.

Make sure to join me on IG @erinvintagemoons  and my private Facebook Group for daily Spirit Chats! 


Intuitive Channel & Spiritual Mentor | Akashic & Past Life Guide, 
Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, Shaman

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I am Erin, an Intuitive Medium, Spiritual Mentor, and Akashic Records Alchemist. I help lightworkers, starseeds, intuitives, and healers develop an unfuckwithable connection to spirit, their healing gifts, and up-leveling their spiritual biz.

Erin Stabile

I am Erin, an Intuitive Medium, Spiritual Mentor, and Akashic Records Alchemist. I help lightworkers, starseeds, intuitives, and healers develop an unfuckwithable connection to spirit, their healing gifts, and up-leveling their spiritual biz.

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In coaching, sessions, and programs, I provide intuitive guidance and intuitive mentoring to support those on their spiritual journey who struggle to heal, embrace and uncover their soul’s abilities, and break out of the mindfuckery to hit that ascension level of the intuitive you want to be. At the soul level you were born to be. Are you stuck in your awakening and embracing your intuitive abilities? Wishing you could figure out why you struggle with connection to spirit and your gifts but also know this is the path you need to be on. I help you break out of the patterns and cords that keep you in limbo, guiding you through clearing, clarity, and a custom to your intuitive development and healing plan (this includes mindset, past lives, and soul-level connection to bring out who your soul desires to be outside of your human limitations and pain).

Using my unique intuitive gifts in coaching, sessions, and programs. I connect to your soul, to whom you are, to what’s holding you back, and down to your core, I see who you are, what you have to offer the world, and what we can do to bring that into your core beliefs so you can embrace whom you are meant to be and wishing you were. The approach to your development is custom to you and your needs. I always provide easy, manageable steps to move forward on your path in an empowered and powerful way. I am your partner on your path, I am not light and fluffy, but I am fully invested in your development and growth if you are ready to shed the past and take action.

Erin Stabile Intuitive Medium and Spiritual Mentor

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