Intuitive Life, Mindset & Spiritual Coaching

Helping lightworkers on their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual path.  


Intuitive Life, Mindset & Spiritual Coaching is a customized approach to healing, working through anxiety, depression, repeating patterns in your life and this approach is unique in that it uses spirit as well to help customize the sessions. It can mix Reiki, Akashic Records, clearing, understanding being an empath, protection techniques and multiple other facets. 

This approach helps you to start digging into your souls history, emotional triggers, traumas, self worth, doubt, anxiety and anything that is standing in your way of healing, moving forward and being the best you possible. 

Ready to shift your mindset for powerful healing and transformational shifts? 

Life, Mindset & Spiritual TransformationIntuitive Life and Mindset & Spiritual Coaching can help you transition in amazing and powerful ways. The single session or extended program is custom to you and what YOU need. The more intensive 1 month or 3 month program allows you to work on deep cords, shadow work, healing and developing and increasing your spiritual gifts. It is not a traditional course you never finish it is completely custom to what you need and want to accomplish. 

Not sure if Intuitive Life, Mindset & Spiritual Coaching is for you?

These are some of the things we work on during our time together. 

  • Shifting your mindset to a place where you can manifest, move forward and change your thought patterns

  • Start reducing your anxiety, depression, working through your emotional triggers

  • Finding cords, deep diving into shadow work to heal your soul

  • Not being stuck in that lack mentality

  • Understand manifesting and start building and shifting your mindset to manifest

  • Are you stuck in bad relationships? 

  • Are you stuck in a crappy job? 

  • Do you keep working on your spiritual path but don't get very far? 

  • Do you always have the same type of boss?

  • Do you get stuck in the same patterns over and over? 

  • Do you need help moving forward finding your gifts? 

  • Do you need help in your business and guidance, direction and outlook? 

  • Do you need to work on your spiritual gifts, understand your guides, spirit team, how to move forward and develop your gifts? 

  • Are you ready to understand your Clairs?

  • Understand being an empath?

  • Are you trying to meet your guides? 

  • Have you tried to understand the signs but can't quite get them all? 

  • Do you go back and forth on development? 

  • Are you ready to understand being an empath?

  • Do you need help putting all of these spirit signs together? 

Intuitive Life, Mindset & Spiritual Coaching is a unique approach, we customize your plan based on you, what you need, where you are in the healing process, what you are working on and trying to manifest in your life. The program helps tailer the approach to help you succeed and move forward. The program really helps those that are great at starting but struggle with follow through after time. This program helps you stay accountable and truly shed what's holding you back.

EMPOWERING you to take control of your life, shift your mindset, and enhance your spiritual gifts in a unique and powerful way. Contact me today for the Intuitive Life, Mindset & Spiritual Coaching program that is an intensive 1:1 program ranging from 1-3 months and is a custom approach for what you need and how you need it.