Soul Healing

Your Soul's Transformation


Did you know your soul remembers everything? 

Your soul remembers things from previous lifetimes. Especially love. Have you ever felt immense love for a place, seeing a photo, seeing a place in history. A person that seems so familiar you can’t even explain it. Even animals can have souls that were from previous lifetimes. 

I’ve been doing a lot of research on Soul’s, history of the soul, issues today, feelings, behaviors, illness. Things that just stick with you, a person, self worth issues, traumas I have seen a variety of these throughout my work. I am currently looking into food issues, pain issues, money issues. I absolutely look into my own history for these issues also. Does this work solve all of your problems? No, but it can help bring light to areas you didn't associate, break the cords to allow you to heal and move forward free of the attachment.    


Wonder if something you have going on could be a past life SOUL issue? 


Can I heal everything in your life through your soul, probably not but I think a lot can be done to bring to light to situations, outcomes, outlooks and open doors to some methods of cutting and moving forward. 

I use the Akashic Records, Past Life Healing, DNA Activation & Ascension Masterclass, Angelic Healing and clearing and cutting techniques to remove issues that are holding you back. I do not remove the lifetime just it's attachments. 

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