Who else has trust issues? While my trust issues are always a work in progress trust is still something for me that I have to put extra time and energy into.

Starting in childhood and following you through to adulthood trust is that ear piercing word yet we need trust in everything we do in our lives. When we drive, our partners, schools, when we use our smart phones, the clothes we wear, our jobs, our banks, the list is endless. The day is filled hope and prayers that everything and everyone does as they are supposed to do.

So how do you start to heal and work on those energetic trust cords? If you follow me and work with me you know healing is a lifelong process but we can have some powerful methods in place to no longer let our past dictate our future.

Can you ever trust someone who has wronged you? The truth is no sometimes you can’t always trust people or situations but knowing your intuitive skills, knowing your gut, knowing your experiences you can learn to trust yourself and your decisions.

Spirit has told me recently I have to trust things can be easy. Spirit and I don’t always see eye to eye on the human experience. Walking out of work the other day I said can this situation be that easy? Spirit said yes it get’s to be that easy. It is such a multi faceted experience I need to trust spirit, I need to allow spirit to bring what I need, I need to ask for help and I need to have faith even when it feels daunting.

If you work with spirit or are starting to work with spirit sometimes you feel like you are always waiting, but the reality is that they orchestrate things for us as we allow and it might not be what, when, where or how we want but allowing them to bring us THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER is vital.

Helping others navigate through the heavy human cords and energetic and spiritual blocks is something that I truly love doing. While the process of being in that heavy cloud of emotion, anxiety, fear and doubt can be paralyzing witnessing clients shift out of that is absolutely amazing. My DNA Activation and Ascension Masterclass is winding down and watching the transformations in the class is incredible.

If you would like to see how Intuitive Life, Mindset & Spiritual Coaching could help you schedule a complimentary spiritual healing roadmap call today. We will talk about your path and goals and if we would be an energetic fit to work together. My goal is to help you ascend, heal and embrace the life you deserve.

Check out the Spiritual Badass Podcast episode talking about shadow work and healing.

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