Shadow Work & Our Demons

Yikes is all you can say. Shadow work is that task list item you never really want to do but know that it will never go away. It’s the mean girl in the corner.

We are always in someway facing our shadows (past selves, past issues, mistakes, negative experiences, traumatic events). The shadows creep in and overshadow our lives.

To heal and spiritually ascend, to let go of your anxiety, your depression, the racing thoughts, the what if’s, the panic. To allow yourself to heal, to let go of control, ego, the inner demons.

It is not a finger snap and poof you are healed. It is about constantly healing, growing, checking your mindset, addressing what is happening as it is happening. I have used all of my spiritual work to get to this amazing place of release, to not have my past dictate my mindset and my outcome.

Finding the cords from past lives, and cords from this human experience are vital in your healing. To increase your spiritual work, have better divine connection, divine feminine, to release and let go. You have to find the methods that work for you, the coach, the mentor, the classes, counselor, the books. No one can decide what method is best for you. You need to find and feel the connection to what you feel will help. You also have to be ready to let go and heal. If someone tells you that you have to do this method this way and this is the only way that you are going to heal just run away.

Are you ready to let your past no longer dictate your future? I love having a custom approach to help others where they need help. If you would like to see how Intuitive Life, Mindset & Spiritual Coaching could help you schedule a complimentary session today. We will talk about your path and goals and if we would be an energetic fit to work together. My goal is to help you ascend, heal and embrace the life you deserve.

Check out the Spiritual Badass Podcast episode talking about shadow work and healing.

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