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Today is Mother’s Day, it can be such an amazing day, your kids hug you, they make you awesome gifts, they send you a gift, call, video chat whatever it is. I can’t say my kids are that into the mom love anymore which to be honest is kind of a brutal hit.

I also think back to my mom who died 25 years ago. I miss her every single day. Yes I am a Medium and finally figured out my gifts a few years ago so I can communicate with her and honestly that has eased my pain of losing her. Even just knowing she’s always been by my side was an incredible relief. When she died I would have these haunting dreams at 16 when your mom tries to take you with her in spirit I was like WTF is happening is she trying to kill me. For years I had scary dreams of my mom, dreams of her being alive again but she would’t talk to me, so it was like feeing her loss over and over again and honestly it was painfully daunting.

As a mom I look at my kids and I know I was blessed these amazing souls chose me. I am also a realistic mom, I swear, I get frustrated, and some days I just have to zone out.

Finding balance in life, work, kids, spiritual work, my personal health and well being can be such a freaking balance and I am not always the best. Some days I work until 1 am, some days when I am done with work I just sit on the couch. I have learned to give myself grace, to know when I need to take a break, that I don’t have to be the perfect work from home, homeschool mom.

Wherever you are at on your journey being a mom, celebrating your mom, grandma, fur babies whatever it is, if they are alive or in spirit remember the good times, remember times you miss, try and not be sad you can’t have them anymore, but remember how amazing they were. Write them down, have a gratitude and love journal you can go to and you can pass down to your children or family. If we take our memories with us no one will know them all. If we record them everyone can have the amazing stories.

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Have a kickass week my high vibe tribe!


Intuitive Life & Mindset Coach, Akashic & Past Life Guide, Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master Teacher

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