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We are all in this crazy time energetically. It is scary, new, hard, but it is also a time for change, a time we can shift, a time we can change and really shift our families and our lives. Take his time to reflect, to go within, to find the peace, to try and realign and readjust. Yes we absolutely have to be cautious and have plans in place. Try not to let the fear take over your mindset.

Check on your friends, check on your neighbors, text people, message people, video chat, try and be positive in a more negative time. Shifting your mindset to the positive, that doesn't mean you have to fake it and pretend. It means try shifting the negativity, if you are stuck at home, the kids, family members, trying to work from home, trying to also be a teacher it can be stressful.

Don't get stuck in the comparison trap, don't look at what others are doing or saying on social media. If you don't want to have your kids do work today don't! Try something fun instead, have a craft project where they write a story, have everyone participate in story time anything you to do have fun and engage is ENOUGH.

Wherever you are on the know that you are PERFECT EXACTLY AS YOU ARE.


Get stuck comparing

Think your not good enough

Think your not making progress

Think you will never have or do…


Embrace your unique qualities

Scream in the car if you need to

Know that it is ok to take a break, to not do what you feel you should be doing

Take some selfies and capture you’re amazingness

Have Fun and laugh

Join the TikTok crazy or at least watch them they are funny

You are making an amazing impact on the world and I’m so thankful to everyone here. I love helping people navigate to a positive mindset and shifting their lives to a new and exciting place. If you need assistance on shifting into a more positive mindset, need help on your spiritual gifts I would love to help through Intuitive Life and Mindset Coaching. If you need some positive words please don't hesitate!.

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest if you need some positive inspiration, mindset shifting ideas, spiritual tips and tricks. Comment on one of my posts on Instagram or Facebook, let me know how the tip has helped you and I will pull a Angels and Ancestors card especially for you!

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Have a kickass week my high vibe tribe!


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