From Resolutions to Manifesting

Day 1 - Self worth

Day 2 - Creativity

Day 3 - Weight

Day  - Exercise

Day 4 - Having $

Day 5 - Wanting More $

Day 6 - Self Care Waking

Day 7- Self Care Sleeping
Day 8 - Relationship

Day 9 - Business - Define It

Day 10 - Business - Goals

Day 11 - Business Actions

Day 12 - Learning

Day 13 - Giving

Day 14 - Self Worth Re-Assessment 

Manifesting = the ability to create your desires.

Having the mindset to set up your life to MANIFEST & RECEIVE. 

Invite anyone you feel could benefit. If you would like to participate in a more private setting please join my closed facebook group.

From Resolutions to Manifesting

Day 1 will start tomorrow December 17th.


Download Day 1 workbook pages



Day 2 - Creativity


You want to be more creative but you think to be creative you have to be a designer, artist, have always been someone who creates. 


Download Day 2 workbook pages

Day 3 Weight - Can we say trigger word!!!
You want to loose weight, tone, change something about you. 

Download Day 3 workbook pages

Day 4 Having $$$ 
Your goals about having money.

Download Day 4 workbook pages

Day 5 Wanting $$$
Your goals on wanting more money.

Download Day 5 workbook pages

Day 6 Self Care
Your goals on self care.

Download Day 6 workbook pages

Day 7 Self Care At Night
Your goals on self care at night.

Download Day 7 workbook pages

Day 8 Relationships
Your goals on relationships. 

Download Day 8 workbook pages

Day 9 Business Define It
Your business goals define them.

Download Day 9 workbook pages

Day 10 Business Actions
Your actions you are taking in your business. 

Download Day 10 workbook pages

Day 11 Business Goals
Your business goals.

Download Day 11 workbook pages

Day 12 Learning
Your goals on learning. 

Download Day 12 workbook pages

Day 13 Giving
Your goals on giving. 

Download Day 13 workbook pages

Day 14 Self Worth Re-Assessment
Your updated self worth assessment

Download Day 14 workbook pages


Manifest Your Best Life Challenge Full Workbook

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