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House Clearing

A house clearing helps to clear the energy in your home. If you have heavy emotions, feelings of negative energy the home clearing can help to clear it. 

A House Clearing should be done when you are buying or selling a new home or when you feel the energy of a negative entity or a ghost.  This process clears every room, identifies any negative energy drafts, reroutes energy flow, rids the house of negative energy spots, removes negative entities and ghosts (yes, ghosts exist but they are not all bad) and places energetic boundaries along the outside of the home in case negative energy is coming from the street or the neighboring houses.

What are your thoughts about clearing your home if you are planning to sell it?  Should you cleanse your home prior to listing it or while it is on the market?  And what about when you are buying a house?

I think every home should be cleared before it goes on the market.  And if you are buying a house, I absolutely recommend a full house clearing/cleansing.  Of course, we see thousands of homes sold without a cleansing, but honestly, moving into a house without doing a clearing is energetically like going to the bathroom in a toilet filled with someone else’s waste (ick).  Just imagine what hotel room walls look like energetically.

What does the home cleansing and clearing process entail?

The process takes about 45-60 minutes depending on how much energetic energy needs to be removed from the home.  I usually map out the house either before I enter it or at the beginning of the process.  On the map, I mark areas which have negative energy or where the house may sit on an Energy Vortex.  Energy Vortices are part of the Earth’s natural energy grid and flow positive or negative. 

How long does it last? In other words, how often do you suggest cleansing your home?

Once a home is cleared and cleansed professionally, you can clear it on your own once a month, and it will be fine.  Doing this right before the new moon is especially beneficial.

What is used? 

Intuitive and medium skills, sage and sweet grass are common things that are used to clear a home. 

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