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DNA Activation & Ascension Masterclass Application

Please fill out the application for the DNA Activation and Ascension Masterclass. This class is an incredibly deep course, it brings up buried emotions, traumas, experiences from your life. This process although a group course is a very personal experience. A large part of this experience is the personal guidance you receive. Whether it is messaging, a phone call, or Marco Polo communication, you have to be willing to trust me to help you through the process. Each week we hold a weekly clearing, we can clear custom intentions and whatever else is brought forward. You are expected to document your feelings, triggers, emotions experiences each day/week. We need to have a true gauge for how you are feeling, how you are processing. Going through this course and not processing what comes up will not allow for the healing and up-leveling this course can offer. The following questions will help me to know if you are ready for this course. These questions are not to be taken lightly, please dig deep into your soul to answer them honestly. 

This is a 12 week commitment. We have an audio once a week, you listen to the initial audio in a quiet calm state and document your experience. You then each week listen to the audios as much as possible. Documenting your emotions, 

The following questions are only to judge if the DNA Activation and Ascension Masterclass is a good fit for you at this time. I can not say what you will experience during the course becuase we all have our traumas and histories from this and previous lifetimes. Everyones emotions, and emotional reactions can be hard to bring back up. This program digs up everything we bury. Filling out these questions will help to understand where you are at, after this we will schedule a call to discuss the program and what can be expected. All information gathered remains confidential.
Are you currently struggling with uncontrolled depression?
Are you currently struggling with uncontrolled anxiety
Have you ever struggled with wanting to be alive?
Are you prepared to reach out to me and work with me weekly for help?
Documenting your emotions, triggers, experiences is vital can you do this daily?
Are You Prepared to make a 12 week committment?
Are you prepared for emotional highs and lows?
Are you prepared to participate in weekly activities in the group? (Clearing, posts, videos, materials posted)
Are you comfortable in a group setting? (Audios and personal work are done on your own. Group posting, clearing, reminders, discussions occur)
Are You Ready to do this deep transformational work and emerge in a new light?

Thank You for submitting the DNA questionnaire.
I will contact you shortly.