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My Life has drastically changed for the better since taking Erin DNA Activation course. It was incredible to witness my transformation & to know that I had continual support from Erin & the other students. Each week’s Activation deepened me further into examining, releasing, & growing from past patterning in order to align more fully with my Life Path. The Activations enhanced my Intuition, Confidence, & assisted me with gaining a Higher Level of Spiritual Connection. I appreciated Erin’s support & guidance throughout the process as I processed all that was necessary. It was also very helpful to have Erin’s weekly clearing meditations & I often felt she was channeling these directly for me. I feel rejuvenated, aligned, & have significant increased Clarity from doing the DNA Activations. Erin, thank you so much for sharing your gifts, expertise, & support!    Heather

 I loved working with with Erin in receiving her DNA Activation course. I was shook by the power of this process and it was fully transformational. The lessons and clarity each week brought were intense and allowed me to release many stories and patterns that weren’t useful to me anymore. My favorite part of each week was Erin’s clearing meditations. They were succinct and efficient, I would immediately slip into the astral experience with her really participate in the co-creation of my healing and its process. It was supportive and at the same time empowering. I was able to connect with my Spiritual Gifts with more ease and flow as each week went on. I highly recommend this investment in yourself and amazing transformative experience.   GIA

The DNA Activation & Ascension Masterclass is perfect for lightworkers, those starting or continuing in spiritual ascension, energy healers, those who practice reiki, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, manifesting, shifting the mindset, anyone who is open to allowing the soul to heal, clear and are ready for incredible life shifts. ⁣The DNA Activation & Ascension Masterclass offers an immense up-leveling of the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical self. The experience can help you to start diving into all of the unknowns you are capable of and ready for.


This is NOT a TYPICAL do work, get XYZ results. Although everyone gets the same structure the experience is COMPLETELY UNIQUE TO YOU, and your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs, no ones experience is the same (my favorite part). The course works for the YOU and what YOU need. ⁣The DNA Activation & Ascension Masterclass will enable quantum shifts in healing and spiritual growth. During the 12 weeks you go through quantum transformational shifts. 


The activations allow for transformations that are life altering. They It truly activates the fractured pieces of interactions, traumas, negativity everything we’ve experienced that has left negative impressions on our souls. A great deal from our human self, from our souls history and a combination of how it culminates. As these things fracture the splinter off and stay stagnant. As with Reiki we work on energetic balance, spiritual work we align the soul for ascension, now through this DNA activation series we can help to uproot out emotional baggage that hinders our everyday lives. Our mindset shifts, all of our spiritual work, everything we do for self improvement healing it all matters.

You could experience: 

  • Soul healing

  • Transforming old patterns

  • Self empowering 

  • Learn to trust your intuition

  • Working through triggers

  • Deeper connection to your soul⁣

  • Understand and grow your spiritual gifts⁣

  • Understand how past traumas hold you back⁣ and working on clearing the cords

  • Understand triggers⁣ and reactions

  • Begin to clear soul and energetic cords⁣

  • Shift from what is holding you back ⁣

  • Assist in spiritual ascension/awakening⁣

  • Incredible emergence of the soul⁣ and human self


For me personally this shift that occurred with this series was monumental, my spiritual self rose about 10 levels, my emotional self broke free and stepped forward with ease. I am always a bold individual but the confidence to match my boldness, the knowing, the unwavering doubt in how I can help others, the waiving guilt you have over things, my anxiety.


The process can be emotionally trying, you are digging up everything, you have random thoughts, feelings, things you haven’t thought about in years and bam there it is. Spirit is helping you bring it forward to shed it. Yes the work you have done isn’t negated it just this little hooks that these events have the activations allow for them to finally all come up. The work begins when it things start coming up, how are we processing, how are we chanfing our mindsets, how are we identifying the triggers.


That is where I support you on this journey 100%. The program requires you to do the work, commit the time to your healing and growth and to truly be ready to up level mentally, emotionally spiritually. During the process your soul (spiritual self) is about 10 to 20 feet above you and spirit is working on your soul, your body is processing emotions, traumas, events everything that is coming up.


Your job is to do the work, process, go through the emotions, feelings, traumas, no it is not easy to have things come back up but to really clear, process, and step out of their holds is truly freaking amazing.

I can not guarantee how ones experience will be because the tones really trigger what YOU specifically need. That is why I love this work because it allows us to heal and move forward on OUR level. What WE need to move forward. 

What I can guarantee is that if you are truly ready to experience this monumental shift than I would love to have you in the program. I will guide you through the program, it is a group in environment, you will need to have some time each week to dedicate to listening to the audio in a quiet calm place. Documenting your experiences and working with me to help guide you through what is coming up. 

Please sign up below, we will schedule a call to talk about the details of the course. It will require deep deep inner work, the healing, growth, emotion and spiritual up-leveling are monumental. These shifts are not to be taken lightly. If you are ready for more information please sign up below.



I was lucky enough to take her DNA activation course and that course blew my mind, it amplified my abilities right open! My clairvoyance is stronger than it’s ever been and I never thought would be that strong, seeing spirit as solid has now become a daily part of my life. And the course has sharpened all my Clair’s and enhanced my connections to spirit. All the clearings that Erin has provided, her guidance and time has been such a valuable asset to my life, if you were even thinking about getting a session I would highly recommend it she is the real deal!           KRISTAL

I can't say enough positive wonderful things about Erin's DNA Activations. It helped me find solutions to places I was really stuck in. It helped me upgrade and I had incredible experiences listening to the healing recordings. 


And every step of the way, Erin was there- with group healings for each step, always holding space and checking in to make sure I was ok. She helped us get through any bumps in the road, always there if we needed something, holding space for us all. 


We all grew so much during this Activation. And, having Erin there was crucial. When Erin has your back, you know all will go well. She is such a solid person, with vast healing abilities. She is a safe space, a kind ear, a non-judgmental soul. I wouldn't trust anyone but Erin to help me heal and upgrade so much in 12 weeks! All I have to say is DO IT! Do this! You will be so glad you did!


Thank you so much, Erin! I can't thank you enough!                         RACHEL