1:1 Life Transformation Guidance Program

This program is perfect for: those ready to stop living in survival mode, Intuitive’s, healers, intuitive mediums, empaths, those going through an awakening needing clarity and guidance on experiences, development, calming the ego, transforming/understanding your soul, changing ancestral patterns, and understanding past lives. 

What you can expect from a session: Custom to you clarity on soul blocks, intuitive blocks, paralyzing mindset and self-worth patterns, energetic and ancestral cords, and blocks that hinder you and your intuitive development. Empowering you to shift and transform into an unstoppable intuitive force!

We will clarify what is brought forth during the session, we will create an easy step-by-step plan for you to move forward in confidence. You can also expect messages from spirit whether it be my team your team or a combination.

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It’s about damn time you break free of the soul limiting beliefs, bullshit stories, lack of self-worth, and negative mindset that are holding you and your spiritual & intuitive development back through my Soul Shifting Process . 

Life Transformation Guidance intensive 1:1 program helps women shift out of soul-sucking survival mode to uncover their hidden purpose. 

Creating, Realizing
and Embracing
Your Dreams

Start to define and embrace your dreams, abilities, passions. Understanding

life beyond your limiting beliefs and breaking down those old patterns.

Start thriving in the life

you are ready to build. 

Transform Your

Mindset from Survival to Thriving

We integrate all of the work to shift your mindset patterns, self worth, what if, putting others first, guilt, we work on your core soul power. Shifting your negative thoughts and reactions with methods to stop the thought spirals. 

Simple Customized Actionable Plan

This isn’t a start a new program and quickly fizzle out. Part of the 1:1 deep work is staying accountable without the overwhelming loads of homework. We create an easy action plan for your long term success. We work together through the entire process.

Enhance your Manifesting

Once healing and mindset is moving to a more centered place the ability to manifest and have confidence in allowing what your calling in to manifest is easy.

Understand, Develop, and Enhance

Your Intuition

Using, developing and enhancing your intuition, for your everyday life, spiritual business or the corporate world. Embracing your intuition allows you to be in tune with the universe,
your soul,  and can shift
your entire life to a more 
connected and
centered place. 

I Don't Hold Your Hand
I Empower You to move Forward

This is not a one size fits all intensive. This is built on you and what you are needing and your goals. I will always push you in a bold safe and loving way. We customize everything to you. My only goal is to empower you to step forward into the life

you dream of. 

Shadow Work Including Recognizing and Clearing Emotional Patterns & Balancing

Learning to understand your emotions, patterns, cords, shadow work. Start understanding how your anxiety, overthinking are linked to your past. Shift

out of the emotional heaviness and start being able to connect to your

heart and soul. 

Be Open-Minded

I use spirit and my Intuitive, Healing, Reiki, Angels, Past Life and Akashic Records, Shamanism, and whatever is for my clients highest and best good. Always connecting to you and helping you on your
custom path. 

Find the connection to what is holding you back, mentally, spiritually, physically & emotionally. 

Life Transformation Guidance Program: Can help you transition in amazing and powerful ways. The single session or extended program is custom to you and what YOU need. The more intensive life-transforming 12-week program allows you to work on soul realignment, deep cords, shadow work, healing, and developing and increasing your spiritual gifts. It is not a traditional program you never finish it is completely custom to what you need/want to break free from and accomplish. 

​What you can expect during the 12-week Life Transformation Guidance 1:1 Program.

  • Recognition of what is holding you back, mentally, spiritually, physically & emotionally.  

  • How to recognize triggers, how to cut cords, and shift the mindset around the old wounds and patterns. (Ways to recognize when you spiral down the rabbit hole and shifting out of the old).

  • Understand how energetic cords & blocks affect you today, when they began and how not to live in the pain over and over (breaking the cycle).

  • Understanding your spiritual connection, spiritual development, spirit being more present, spiritual recognition, and spiritual ascension. As we heal and grow our intuitive gifts can expand. 

  • Understand how spirit, being an empath, & energy effects you on the human and soul level. Also energy clearing, protection, and creating custom methods for you and what you need.

  • Start feeling safe to heal and release blocks and traumas, understanding how you hold yourself back, how you punish yourself, how you control your life.

  • Understand and shift how your mindset, negative patterns, behaviors, thoughts, ideals, old programming, control, self-talk, negativity are holding you back. Learn to shift and reprogram those thoughts and patterns.

  • What do you need to focus on, shift, heal, and grow. Using intuitive work to help you dig deep when you might not know what is holding you back. 

  • How healing, mindset shifts, and spiritual connection amplify with deep soul transformation. 

EMPOWERING you to take control of your life, shift your mindset, and enhance your spiritual gifts in a unique and powerful way.