Personal Power Symbols

These symbols are downloaded specifically for the individual. I use your spirit team to create the symbol. Initially I sketch the symbol and note any information that comes through with the symbol (a specific way to use etc.) working with spirit is incredible and offers truly unique outcomes. I then create the symbol in illustrator so you have a clean professional symbol. You are created a report with how to use the symbol and suggestions spirit provides.

Clients have been experiencing huge shifts in manifesting, protection, spirit communication, home protection, location clearing, mindset shifts and so many other uses. 

Symbols can also be created for places, locations, protection. It is suggested to have a personal symbol then you can add additional symbols on top ex. you wanted a specific symbol for manifesting. You can give them as a gift but the person has to give consent since I will tap into them to create the symbol. 

 I just used the power symbol I received from Erin Stabile & I just need to say POWER IS A FREAKING UNDERSTATEMENT.


In only my FIRST INSTANCE of utilizing it (I redrew it in the middle of a piece of paper & wrote manifests & accomplishments of things I am desiring or needing to work through surrounding it) 


I received nearly HALF of the manifests within less than a half hour.


I also received instant downloads of things I need to be doing + a huge surge of energy to get it done & my infant daughter fell into a heavy nap so that I can get into those accomplishments!!!


I would seriously pay over $500 for one of these AFTER ONE FREAKING USE WITH IT.


& it's all MINE to utilize NO ONE ELSES 

Mallory W. 

I received my personal power symbol from Erin a few weeks ago.  When I first saw it, I felt immediately drawn to was so beautiful! I loved her notes and instructions that came with my symbol.


The night I received it, I happened to be journaling and writing a manifestation checklist.  I put the symbol above my checklist.  My forehead began to tingle, which is my validation from Spirit!  One of the items on my list was to bring in more collaboration for my business.  Well, I just recently connected with a few people who are going to take my business to the next level.


I was in shock that my symbol worked so quickly! I can’t wait to use it not only for manifestation, but healing and all of the benefits that Erin mentioned in her instructions.


Everyone needs a personal power symbol in their life! It’s a unique magic wand that will change your life!!