Akashic Records

Akashic Records are your personal souls history book. Everything we are and have been is recorded in our books. We do not all have perfect squeaky clean lives. We haven't always been a male or a female, we have all been both previously. 


An Akashic Record distance healing session will open your heart towards increased self-love, provide the answers that you have been seeking, bring you into intuitive contact with your past lives or inner child, refresh your energy, and even work to heal your physical, mental, and emotional self.

In these sessions we will dig into an issue you are facing in the world today. It could be reoccurring self worth, bad jobs, being treated poorly and not standing up for yourself. We will find the most significant lifetime and cut the ties so it does not affect you now or in the future. You also play a huge role in the healing process, whatever is discovered during the session we will talk about and I will leave you with any messages brought forth, homework and tools to make shifts that come to light during the session.


Akashic sessions do not heal or prevent illness. We can look into reasons you might be ill. Did this person and I have a past and could it be causing issues today. They can dig into the root of your question. I will always ask your question and formulate it so we bring forth the information you need to heal, shift and move forward. 

My main goal in Akashic work is to help you understand you! If you struggle with self confidence no matter the work you do, cord cutting, channeling, meditation and still can't get rid of your fears, anxiety, relationship issues, self worth etc. That is when I recommend an Akashic session. I will use deep cord clearing techniques & Reiki to break these cords and karmic patterns. I create a custom plan of action/homework set that can assist you in working on this issue. ⁣⁣⁣


Akashic sessions are a great way to see you, your gifts, who you are as a soul living a human life, your mission. Are you ready to understand your past? 

Here are a few reasons to try and Akashic Session:

  • What is my Soul’s Purpose?

  • Why am I always ill (mentally, physically, etc, elaborate, remember, specific questions achieve specific answers)?

  • Am I on the right path in my career, education, spirituality?

  • I can't seem to increase my self esteem.

  • Why do I struggle with money?

  • Am I in the right relationship, partnership, business relationship?

  • What is my purpose on Earth at this time?

  • Why can’t I heal?

  • What is physically wrong with me?

  • What emotional scars am I carrying around?

  • What Karmic debts do I need to pay?

  • Where will I find happiness?

  • Will I ever find true love?

An Akashic Record reading is not to be taken lightly. The sessions will involve you, your spirit team and me and my spirit team. We will not go into a third person's records. We can involve your minor child if you are trying to help them with things they are facing currently. The session is talked about before hand and what you hope to accomplish and the session is done privately and I will send a report and we can then discuss via a Zoom call. 

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