I remember as a child having deja vu. A lot of my dreams came true. A lot of accidents I witnessed, injuries sustained and I never really understood why or how but it was kind of cool and kind of freaky. Our home was haunted and after a while I was at peace with the snoring spirit. I'll admit living close to a cemetery and cornfield was petrifying. (If you haven't seen children of the corn you might not get this)

After attending a group medium reading two years ago some things she said seemed to really click. Delving in and reading and learning really opened up what I have been experiencing. Finding out I was an empath really changed things in my life. Understanding why emotions weigh heavily on me, learning to clear and remove the energy, emotions and feelings of others, has been a game changer.

I recently found my mentor Heather Corbet, Though Spiritual Advising with Heather and lots of meditation, working through my shadow self, self reflection I have been able to address and almost eliminate my anxiety.


I've had anxiety most of my life and trying to manage it on my own, it wasn't until recently that I found I was an empath. I've always been able to easily understand people's emotions I just didn't know that I was taking on their energy. (No damn wonder the anxiety was so bad). I found between being and empath and suppressing Spirit’s energy it all finally made sense, this had caused a lot of my anxiety. Spiritual work has helped me learn to channel Spirit through my chakras and release it with my Reiki, words and writing. I began to heal and come into my own. Becoming a Life Coach and Reiki Master Teacher has really helped the healing process and opened up the Spiritual realm.

When I accepted my gifts, I decided to use it to deliver healing messages that would help people learn, grow, and embrace life to the fullest. My goal is to help others having amazing breakthroughs and be able to live the most incredible life possible.

Using all of my spiritual gifts in whatever way necessary is such a gift. Someone might need to speak to a loved one to help with healing, but that loved one might help in a variety of ways, change thought patterns, recognize they are present, call people on their shit so they can move forward. Sometimes its a spirit team that steps forward to aid in healing and growth. Through Akashic Records I am able to dig into lifetimes and find some root issues. My customized clearing in the Akashic Records really allows for fully unique sessions. Some people need the help and guidance of Angels and other spirit to help in healing. I love that working with spirit allows for completely unique sessions, homework and guidance.

Always know that I work with individuals to bring them what they need the most at the present moment with love, light and nothing but the best intentions. 

Erin Stabile

Life Transformation Guidance Coach, Akashic & Past Life Guide, Intuitive Medium, Angelic Healing, Reiki Master Teacher, DNA Activation & Ascension Masterclass, Shaman